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Magic Makers

Incredible Shrinking Deck


The Incredible Shrinking Deck in Bicycle Limited Edition by Magic Makers.

The Effect:

  • A regular deck of cards is displayed.
  • Any card is selected and then placed back into the deck.
  • When the deck is spread faces up there is one card face down.
  • However, this one face down card is tiny compared to the rest of the cards.
  • The tiny card is removed from the spread and INSTANTLY becomes a regular size card again and even more's the selected card from before!
  • The entire deck is picked up and then spread again to reveal the ENTIRE DECK has been shrunken!
  • The only regular size card remaining is the same selected card as before!
  • When the deck is picked up again it instantly becomes a regular size deck again showing a normal back and regular size faces!

This same deck can be used again to perform a variety of routines to the same audience if desired.

The illusion of a regular deck of cards shrinking is now possible!

You get:

  • Special Printed Deck in Bicycle - Limited Edition with actual printed mini-faces and mini-Bicycle Backs
  • Extra Special Printed Bonus Cards Included For Even More Effects & Routines
  • Magic training course teaching the presented routine from the demo and summary on bonus cards included

We recommend the use of a gaming grade table surface or Magic Makers Close Up Pad for optimum performance.

Historical Significance In Magic:

This effect has evolved from Micro Macro which was created by:

Brother John Charles Hamman S.M. (September 3, 1927–December 5, 2000)

We believe the special design of this deck with its mini-faces and mini-bicycle backs along with the presented routine are original. The intended design of this deck allows for a variety in routines for multiple performances in a single setting.