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Hawker Brownlow

Graphic Organisers for Writing


Book - Reference
The use of graphic organisers as part of the writing process is important to writing success. Students who plan and write with graphic organisers
  • generate and organise more ideas
  • recall and analyse data
  • support main ideas with appropriate details
  • focus on the criteria for the specific writing assignment
  • explain sequences logically
  • recognise relationships between concepts
  • focus on their audience
  • implement good writing techniques.

In his book, Frames of Mind, Howard Gardner discusses how the use of visuals engages a learner’s multiple intelligences. The US Department of Education reported that students with visible planning in writing score higher on most forms of mandated tests than those who did not plan.

Graphic Organisers for Writing is one workbook resource every teacher needs. Here are 60 graphic organisers for writing nonfiction, fiction and integrating explicit elements of good writing. Use the organisers to facilitate excellent writing.