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Smart Games



Ages 4+
2-4 Players

Hungry rabbits are jumping around the vegetable garden. Different vegetables become visible as the rabbits look under leaves.

Can you remember which vegetable is planted where? If not, animals that live underground will take your vegetables back!

Will you be the first to collect all 4 different vegetables?

Game Contents:

  • Game board
  • 4 rabbits
  • 4 collection cards
  • 16 vegetable tokens
  • 15 leaf tiles
  • game rules

How to Play

Step 1

Shuffle the vegetable tokens and place them face down in the holes on the game board. Place the leaf tiles on top.

Step 2

Jump your rabbit to a movable leaf under which you think is a vegetable you want and slide it aside. If you are right, take that vegetable!

Step 3

The first player to collect all 4 different vegetables is the winner of the game.

2-4 Players

Ages 4+