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Flip this School - How to Lead the Turnaround Process

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Many factors can lead to failure, but with strong leadership and the right staff, a successful school turnaround will put a failing school on the path to success.

In Flip This School: How to Lead the Turnaround Process, authors John F. Eller and Sheila A. Eller examine the strategies and research behind successful school turnaround and present a framework to remodel failing and struggling schools.

The authors contend that planning a school turnaround is a lot like flipping a house: the building and its operations undergo a fundamental remodelling. This book takes a close look at comprehensive strategies for school-improvement planning that allow school leaders to collaborate with the existing staff to instigate a total remodel. The tools and templates will help school leaders own their leadership style and set the foundation for a successful school turnaround.

With this book, F–12 principals and school leaders will:

  • understand the essential attributes of school turnaround
  • examine their leadership strengths and limitations
  • discover tips for gaining support from the network
  • learn how to gather extensive data about school operation
  • build leadership capacity at the teacher level
  • develop a positive school culture.

Authors: John Eller & Sheila Eller