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The Arcane Library

Five Mini Adventures - ShadowDark RPG


This is for the physical print version of the mini adventures. By emailing your Brain Spice receipt to The Arcane Library, you also get a free downloadable PDF version!

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These handy, two-page adventures (front and back) are printed on heavyweight cardstock. They give you all you need to run: 

  • An antediluvian monolith full of ancient, writhing horrors and sinister beings (received The Best rating from Bryce Lynch,, 3rd level
  • An opulent prison-palace sinking into the sea where a deadly poison grows, 4th level
  • A temple where cultists of the Elephant God jealously guard a legendary jewel, 6th level
  • A twisted cavern full of pirate treasure and pale, bloodsucking stingbats, 4th level
  • A leprechaun's redoubt where fey trickery hides a fabled pot of gold, 3rd level

Each adventure includes a digital jpeg of the map sized for easy VTT use!