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KAIKO Fidgets

Finger Spikey - Purple


The amazing Kaiko Spikey fidget has been an instant favourite! It provides firm and textured sensory feedback when rolled up and down the finger. It is touted to have remedial benefit, stimulating acupressure points and assisting with circulation. These fidgets are stretchy but firm.

It is particularly good for those that pick and bite, as the 'bitey' sensation stimulates in a similar way without the harm. The Finger Spikey comes in eight different colours. This product is the Purple Finger Spikey.

Some ways to use the finger spikey...

  • Roll up & down the finger. It can be rolled using the same hand or alternate hand.
  • Rub between two palms
  • Hold in one or two hands to fidget
  • Place on finger & twist around using thumb (similar to a 'Chinese burn') applying varying degrees of pressure-dependent on preference. This technique has been particularly helpful for some in minimising self-harm. It can provide the 'hurt' without harm to the skin. Of course, the spikey fidget does not replace accessing professional help. It is a useful tool for the kit-bag.
  • Place on one finger & squeeze adjacent fingers into it.

Please note: if wearing the spikey for any period of time, it is important to monitor the skin to ensure it is not compromising circulation.

You can slightly stretch the metal, working around it to create a looser feel if preferred. This needs to be done bit by bit and section by section to create an even stretch. Please note, once stretched it cannot be un-stretched!