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Ferris Wheel Music Box


Build yourself this charming music box that plays "Castle In The Sky" as the ferris wheel turns!

Original Design and Exquisite Technology

The Wooden music box kit uses original design and exquisite laser-cutting technology, each board after more than 12 screen printing process to ensure a clear pattern, full color. All inks are certified by CTI

Audio-Visual Enjoyment and Entertainment

After installation, you can rotate the spring, enjoy the music, watch a music box on the rotating objects, quietly enjoy this wonderful time. Using a high-quality serinette movement, it can play crisper music

Wonderful Experience and Cooperation Project

DIY wooden music box can let you experience the fun of hands-on and brain. After assembling the finished work, you will have a sense of achievement. This can also be assembled with others to help increase the degree of understanding

Recommend Gift and Perfect Decoration

When you want to decorate your home or want to send a special gift, it is suggested that you purchase a music box like this, and people who receive it will be very surprised.It is the best birthday Valentine’s Day gift for family, friends, lovers, boys, girls, adults and children

Matters Needing Attention

Be careful when meeting small parts, do not over force. In addition, it is forbidden to start the next step if the previous step is not installed properly. If there are some parts of the instruction does not indicate the need for glue, you can reinforce it according to your own assembly and make it more stable

Recommended Age: 14+

Assembled size: 100x76x168mm