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Brain Spice

Eye Popper - by Paul Gordon


Beginner Level
Magic Trick

This NEW effect by Paul Gordon is a commercial powerhouse. The effect is that four blue-backed blank-faced cards mimic the King of Hearts. You end up with five King of Hearts. But, all five magically have five different colored (and style) backs. The next surprise is that all five turn blank!

Aside from being pretty easy, this effect is a stroller!  Instant reset, too. But, it can also be utilized with a regular deck as a table effect. Two handlings are taught and the top-quality bespoke cards are supplied. Once you fully understand the effect and handling, you will realize it's utilitarian.

You're gonna use Paul Gordon's Eye-Popper... a lot!

Brain Spice says: this is a fantastic "next step" card trick - it isn't self-working, and it does require some basic sleight-of-hand, but nothing that can't be mastered with a little practice.  If you want to learn card magic, Eye-Popper will make you look and feel like a master!  You will need to learn the Elmsley Count, a basic sleight that the instruction video will assume you know.  Fortunately, there are many tutorials out there to learn this valuable technique - I highly recommend this Youtube video by  Hester23BearsCH!