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United States Playing Card Co

Edition Zero Playing Cards


After being sold out for more than 5 years, the iconic Creative Deck that marked the start of the Playing Arts line of playing cards in 2012 returns as the new & improved Playing Arts Edition Zero Playing Cards.

Just like the other Playing Arts Playing Cards, every single card in this deck is completely unique with illustrations from 55 renowned artists across the world.

However, Playing Arts Edition Zero Playing Cards weren’t built to just be a simple re-creation of the Creative Deck. This deck truly pushes the boundaries of what can be accomplished with playing cards.

By partnering with leading motion & sound designers, Playing Arts has created a deck of cards where the illustrations can be animated right in your hand through augmented reality provided by the Aria AR Platform.

While Playing Arts Edition Zero Playing Cards are clearly a must-have, conversation-starting addition to any deck collection, printing by the US Playing Card Company on legendary Bicycle® stock with an air-cushion finish ensures the smoothest feel for magicians and cardists.