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Smart Games

Diamond Quest


Ages 10+
1 Player

Enter the SmartGames diamond mine and dig up all of the jewels and discover the location of the red diamond. Use the ‘mine’ of information offered by the hints and clues in each challenge to help. The deeper you dig, the more your deduction skills will be tested!

Diamond Quest is a unique puzzle game featuring 80 challenges, from easy to expert.

Game Contents:

  • Game board
  • 12 colourful jewels
  • A big red diamond booklet with 80 challenges and solutions

Ages 10+

How to Play:

Step 1: Select a challenge. Each challenge offers multiple hints about the position of some jewels.

Step 2: Combine the hints to find the location of all the jewels and discover where the red diamond is hidden! The location of some pieces might not be given, but it can always be deduced using logic.

Step 3: There is only 1 possible solution.