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KAIKO Fidgets

Crunchy Caterpillar Necklace - KAIKO Fidget


The Crunchy Caterpillar Necklace is the cousin to KAIKO Caterpillar necklace.

It has larger stainless steel beads WITH A DIFFERENCE! They have texture, and create a sound and 'crunchy feel' when they roll.

These are a wearable sensory tool - they feel amazing to use & look good with anything.  Roll the beads between your fingers whilst wearing it.

Many rub the cord as well, and can push your fingers in between the beads for a different sensation.

Not suitable for 3 and under, as beads can pose a choking risk.

n.b. The antennae need to be pulled every so often to keep the knots tight .

These are great for those who stim with fabric, or roll Blue Tac, or who just like calming low sensory input.  The Crunchy Caterpillar is small, discreet and quiet, making it ideal for the workplace, travel, or the classroom.  Recommended also for decreasing agitation for those with dementia and anxiety.

Effective for those who:

  • Hair twirl or pull
  • Suffer with trichotillomania
  • Stim with fabric
  • Roll Blu-Tac
  • Love squishies and soft sensory input.

Not suitable for children under three years old.