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KAIKO Fidgets

Crunchy Caterpillar Fidget - KAIKO Fidget


The Crunchy Caterpillar is the cousin to the Kaiko Caterpillar fidget!

It has larger stainless steel beads WITH A DIFFERENCE!   They have texture, and create a sound and a 'crunchy feel' as they roll.  

Many rub the cord also. You can push your fingers in between the beads.

Not suitable for 3 and under, as beads can pose a choking risk.

n.b. The antennae needs to pulled every so often to keep knots tight.

These have been effective for those who

  • hair twirl or pull
  • suffer with trichotillomania
  • stim with fabric
  • roll Blu-Tac
  • also wonderful for decreasing agitation for those with dementia and anxiety.

We also have a necklace version.