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Hawker Brownlow

Create Activities for Your Smart Board

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Teachers Reference

Interactive whiteboards provide teachers with a huge variety of content for their classrooms, but sadly this technology is often used at far less than its full potential. The resources needed to transform these tools from a simple whiteboard to the hub of classroom activity are all contained in Create Activities for Your SMART Board. If you’re looking for the tools and ideas to make your SMART™ Board more interactive, this book will equip you with both.

Research shows that students interacting with this technology can make significant gains in student achievement. Each of the 10 comprehensive lesson come with ready-made activities, directions and screen shots to show you how to make them, as well as ideas for more. Topics include:

  • Graphics
  • Hide and reveal techniques
  • Shapes, lines, cloning and infinite cloning
  • Linking to make lessons and games
  • Importing and exporting files
  • Make your own .jpg graphic
  • Using interactive resources
  • Using audio
  • Using video
  • Printing

With Create Activities for Your SMART Board, teachers will begin to see the endless possibilities that interactive whiteboards offer to the classroom.