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Copag 310 Playing Cards - Red


Custom Deck

With COPAG 310 Playing Cards, Cartamundi proudly introduces its revolutionary new True Linen B9 Finish. After more than two years spent working directly with expert magicians, cardists and poker players, the legendary playing card creator has finally cracked the code on a finish that provides unrivalled handling and durability for any magic trick, cardistry flourish or poker game.

Cartamundi built its legacy on the continued pursuit of mastery and, with the True Linen B9 Finish of the COPAG 310 Playing Cards, you can truly feel the difference. Each deck has been carefully constructed with the unique needs of magicians and cardists in mind.

Pick up a deck of COPAG 310 Playing Cards today in either Red or Blue and experience how more than 300 prototypes lead to the creation of an incredible deck of cards that’s ready to use directly out of the box. You’ll never have to break these in. COPAG 310 Playing Cards are insanely snappy, flexible and handle like a dream from their first use.

Get ready to rewrite your story with COPAG 310 Playing Cards.