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KAIKO Fidgets

Caterpillar - KAIKO Fidgets


Dark Purple
Emerald Green
Royal Blue

This is a wearable product; however you can use it in the hands as well. There is enough length to tie these caterpillars to your wrist or ankle.

The weighted stainless steel beads roll between your fingers beautifully!

Kaiko Caterpillars are particularly great for those who stimulate with fabric, Blue Tac, or rollers, or find low sensory input as it glides between the fingers very calming. They are small, discreet and quiet, ideal for the workplace, travel or the classroom.

They are also wonderful for decreasing agitation for those with dementia and anxiety.

Not suitable for ages 3 and under, as beads can pose a choking risk.

Caterpillars have been effective for those who:

  • hair twirl or pull
  • suffer with trichotillomania
  • stim with fabric
  • roll Blu-Tac
  • love squishies and soft sensory input