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Butterfly - Mourning Cloak - Metal Earth


Cut from a 11cm square thin sheet of metal, easy to follow instructions to pop out the pieces, bend the tabs to construct this model.

The Mourning Cloak Butterfly is a large, unique butterfly, with special markings that do not match those of any other butterfly, making it easily distinguishable. It can have a wingspan up to ten centimetres. The dorsal side of its wings are a dark maroon, or occasionally brown, with ragged pale-yellow edges.

The Mourning Cloak is a large butterfly native to Eurasia and North America. This powerful flier is sometimes found in areas far from its usual range during migration. The Mourning Cloak has a lifespan of 11-12 months, one of the most extensive lifespans for any butterfly.

Assembled Size: 10.2 x 5.8 x 3.4 cm

Number Of Sheets: 1 Sheet

Difficulty: Easy