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Brickmans Family Challenge Book


Challenge each member of your household to a building competition that is the brainchild of Brickman himself, star judge of smash hit TV show LEGO® Masters and a LEGO Certified Professional.

Each of the 30 challenges can be attempted at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels. So whether you’re 5 or 105, an infrequent brick builder or a huge LEGO fan, these challenges will get you off the screens, and your creative juices flowing with even the most basic of LEGO collections.


  • Maze runner: build a maze for a marble with obstacles and design themes.
  • Get crazy: roll a die to determine which hybrid model you need to build in under 2 hours – Supersonic Banana Plane, anyone?
  • Self-portrait: one of the hardest things to build with LEGO is curves, but Brickman helps you crack the techniques for building a recognisable 3D portrait of yourself.
  • Hundreds of pro tips, suggestions for ways to level up your builds as well as a ‘know your bricks’ glossary will turn you into a Master LEGO Builder in no time.

Is your family up for the challenge?

About the Author

Ryan ‘Brickman’ McNaught is the southern hemisphere’s only ‘certified Lego professional’. He is the judge on the smash hit family TV show Lego Masters, hosted by Hamish Blake, which captivates over 1 million Australian viewers per episode and has led to Lego sales going through the roof since going to air. When he is not judging Lego competitions onscreen, Ryan oversees construction of extraordinary Lego builds for display in stores and in exhibitions which tour the world.