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Hawker Brownlow

ASCD Arias Publication: Success with IEPs

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Teachers Reference

As the inclusive classroom becomes the placement of choice for many students with disabilities, the implementation of a student’s individualised education plan (IEP) is no longer the sole responsibility of a special education teacher. Together the general education teacher and the special education teacher work to ensure each student’s progress toward meeting carefully crafted goals.

Success with IEPs provides teachers with practical, research-based advice and solutions to five of the most common challenges posed by IEPs:

  • Understanding the full scope of the teacher’s role
  • Doing the critical prep work for IEP meetings
  • Offering modifications and accommodations
  • Contributing to the IEP team
  • Monitoring student progress

Author and education Vicki Caruana explores principles that debunk some common misconceptions about how to work with students with disabilities. She offers insights, tips and strategies that will help teachers fine-tune their practice to better meet each child’s unique needs. For teachers uncertain of their ability to meet the needs of students with IEPs, this manageable guide is a great place to start.