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Hawker Brownlow

Advancing the Three-Minute Walk-Through - Mastering Reflective Practice

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In 2004, The Three-Minute Classroom Walk-Through introduced educators to the Downey Walk-Through, a practical approach to coaching and supervision that is now widely accepted and used. Offering an expanded examination of the Downey Walk-Through, this sequel to the bestseller focuses on the second part of the walk-through—the reflective follow-up conversation—and clarifies many of the common misconceptions and misapplications of the approach.

The authors illustrate how leaders can use observations from the walk-through to engage in professional conversations and encourage teachers to reflect on and improve their practice. Offering extended examples, activities, and guidelines for changing schools one teacher at a time, this resource shows school leaders how to:

  • Provide effective follow-up discourse without criticizing or demoralizing teachers
  • Build collegial and respectful relationships with faculty members
  • Help teachers see their power to become continuously improving professionals
  • Foster a collaborative process between principals, teachers, and other instructional leaders

Now educators can enrich their professional interchange as they work together to evaluate, redefine, and strengthen best practices for the classroom!