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Quadrillion Puzzle Game Review: Encourages problem solving, concentration, and mindfulness for all ages - and it's fun!

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Quadrillion Puzzle Game Review:  Encourages problem solving, concentration, and mindfulness for all ages - and it's fun!

Quadrillion is a challenging one player puzzle game for kids and adults of all ages.

It’s fun from the very beginning - even the setup is a puzzle!

There are two ways to play.

The first way is to use Quadrillion as an open ended puzzle - snapping the four magnetic board pieces together however you like, then attempting to fit all the puzzle pieces on the game board you just made. You can't place any puzzle pieces on top of the black or white dots.

The clever thing about Quadrillion, is that there is always at least one solution. It really is that clever!

The second way to play (as shown in this video) is to work your way through the Quadrillion challenge book, working your way from Quadrillion Starter, through to Quadrillion Wizard.

The challenge book gives setups which start relatively easy, however they get more difficult as you work your way through the book. This makes Quadrillion challenging for all ages.

Even setting up the magnetic puzzle board in the way that’s shown can be a challenge at times - as not only do the four magnetic board pieces have to be in the correct place, but they have to be the correct way up, and with the black and white dots in the correct places as well.

The fun really does start with this setup. It’s more challenging than it sounds!

Once the board is set up, you also need to place the puzzle pieces as shown in the instruction. The instruction only shows where to put certain pieces. The challenge then, is to find out how to make the remaining pieces fit on the board without covering the black & white dots!

Once you’ve mastered one challenge, go onto the next - resetting the board first into the new position, then working on the puzzle. It gets more challenging as you work your way through the challenges.

So, does Quadrillion have any educational value?

Yes, of course!

Quadrillion teaches:

✅ Patience

✅ Concentration

✅ Perseverance

✅ Logic

✅ Problem solving

✅ Independence

✅ Spatial insight

✅ Visual perception

✅ Mindfulness

And the wonderful thing about this game for those who aren’t strong readers…

✅ Even the instructions don’t include any need for reading! This makes Quadrillion a great game for all students to use independently from the beginning.

Quadrillion is the ultimate solitaire game for all ages - suitable for kids, through to the elderly - with big, sturdy puzzle pieces that are easy and fun to handle.

Recommended for kids and adults, ages 7+

Quadrillion is available to be purchased either in store at Brain Spice, or via our online store.

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