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Hawker Brownlow

Zip-Around Vocabulary Games - Ready-to-use Interactive Card Games for the Whole Class

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Zip-Around Vocabulary Games are an exciting way to engage your middle years class while they work on expanding their vocabulary. Students will love the eight fast-paced games as they cooperatively learn about alliteration, the power of connotation, strategies for learning new words and more! Games take only minutes to get going, making them ideal for use at any point during a lesson.

An accompanying booklet contains game instructions and answer keys, as well as additional reproducible resources for introducing and reinforcing each activity.

Each Zip-Around Vocabulary Games set, includes:

  • Tackle the Teacher – Wordplay with homonyms.
  • Just Wait! – Consider the concept of “waiting” in literature and history.
  • The Ant and the Cheese Crackers – An alliterative alphabet story.
  • An Oral Essay on Connotation – An explanation of denotation and connotation
  • DISSECT New Words – A strategy for expanding vocabulary.
  • Journeying Together – Explore the use of the word “journey” as a metaphor in written and spoken texts.
  • Fortunately and Unfortunately – Explore and apply synonyms and antonyms.
  • Start at the Very Beginning – Choose the correct word on your card to fill in the blanks.

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