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Yoga Dice


Ages 6+
1+ Players

A Fun Game of Rolling and Posing

Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award

Have fun stretching with Yoga Dice!

This fun, simple movement game helps children learn the practice of Yoga while increasing flexibility and focus. Includes 36 poses to try!

Skill: Visual Perception and Reasoning

Age: 6 and Up

Players: 2 or More Players


  • 6 six-sided Yoga Pose Dice
  • 6 Pose Tokens
  • 1 six-sided Breath Die
  • 1 Focus Token
  • Yoga Mat Game Track (2-3 Players; Short Track, 4-7 Players; Long Track)
  • Game-Go Bag
  • Instruction Booklet (with Yoga Pose Descriptions)

Yoga Dice Game