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Words Their Way

Words Their Way with English Learners

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Word study can be a powerful instructional method for teachers and their English learning students. With this text, you can evaluate students’ language needs. Empower your students to grasp this new language at the word level, building skills to understand how English differs from their primary language, and providing them with the skills to predict word meaning through spelling. Words Their Way with English Learners, 2/e will help you build vocabulary, spelling, and word recognition skills in your English learners, giving them the foundation to master their new language.

One reality of today’s classrooms is the limited help available to teachers trying to support English learners’ literacy skills. The educators and researchers who developedWords Their Way understand this challenge. Their original text, a phenomenon in word study, provides the proven framework and application to allow students to develop literacy skills. And now they apply this approach to teaching English learners.

Based on the same solid research, Words Their Way with English Learners, 2/e helps you determine what your students bring with them from their home languages, where their instruction in English orthography should begin, and how best to move these students through their development. The second edition includes a DVD that provides word study teaching scenarios to allow teachers to see how to engage in word study with English Learners.