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Woki - My First Coding Robot


My first coding robot

Woki is an ideal toy to use for developing basic programming skills in young children. This friendly robot helps us practice laterality, sequencing, logic and spatial vision. We will learn to program Woki with colour coding to complete the maze in a fun, enjoyable and progressive way.

Woki recognizes colors

Woki has a built-in RGB sensor which detects and recognises the colours of the movement tiles.

Includes more than 60 challenges

In the challenge book you will find 60 different challenges with varying difficulty levels. But that’s just the beginning… use your imagination to build free-form pathways and try to solve them as efficiently as possible.

  1. Build the maze

Choose and build one of the 60 mazes included, placing the ghosts and clues as indicated in the challenge. Get creative and create your own challenges with the pieces included.

  2. Program the route with colours

Place the coloured tiles in the holes to guide Woki to the finishing tile, avoiding the ghosts at all costs.

  3. Set Woki off

Place Woki on the start tile, press the start button, and check if you have programmed the route correctly using the correct colours.