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Brain Spice

Wikki Stix 192 Bulk Pack


This large, no-frills, value pack of Wikki Stix is a favourite for school teachers and occupational therapists, and also for heaps of fun or learning at home.

Wikki Stix are a fantastically flexible craft material – thread coated in a special wax. Wikki Stix are endlessly bendable, stickable, loopable, buildable and twistable. They are also reusable – use them over and over again for new creations any time.

This bulk pack includes 192 Wikki Stix in 8 different colours. It also includes two leaflets with ideas for activities and projects. Wikki Stix is fun for the whole family (even adults) and this pack contains enough for everyone at a value price. Also great for a classroom. Or just for one extremely creative kid!

Age: 3 to adult