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Washi Tape Stickers - Klutz


Shape this tape into crazy cute stickers!

If you haven’t discovered washi tape yet, let us introduce you. Originating in Japan, washi tape works just like its plainer cousin, masking tape. It sticks easily to most surfaces then peels off when you want it to. But unlike masking tape, washi tape’s fresh patterns and juicy colours transform everything it sticks to into something beautiful. No wonder it’s taking the craft world by storm.

Washi Tape Stickers
is the only book that makes it easy to turn strips of this pretty tape into even prettier stickers. The book is filled with page upon page of traceable art and comes with six beautifully bright colours of exclusive, Klutz-only washi tape, a stack of special peel-off backing paper and a fine-line, felt-tip pen. Simply trace a piece of art onto the backing paper and cover it with washi tape. Then cut it out, peel it off and you’ve got a perfectly shaped, perfectly adorable sticker.

Of course, washi tape stickers look great on school binders, secret notes and birthday cards. But because they stick and peel off so cleanly, they also make adorable decorations for lockers, windows, mirrors — practically anywhere. Go ahead, washi your world.