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Hawker Brownlow

Values and Questions Card Deck and Instruction Booklet

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Teachers Reference

Values and Questions invites students into conversations about values they can bring to their learning, their work, their relationships and other aspects of their lives. The cards are designed for any adult who works with students in grades 6–12 – including classroom teachers, administrators, counsellors, psychologists, social workers, learning specialists and support staff – and wants to start meaningful conversations with individual students or groups.

Values and Questions has two decks. Values cards have words that describe ways of being that make life meaningful, such as curious, generous and imaginative. The questions on the Questions cards contain blank spaces. Any value can fit any blank space and students respond to the resulting question.

The instruction booklet highlights a number of ways players can use the cards, either through individual reflection, partner conversations or group discussion. With 5400 possible questions to which players can respond, Values and Questions will help students imagine new ways to live by their values. In this game, everyone wins.