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Brain Spice

Turing Tumble


Build marble-powered computers

Computers are full of ingenious logic and astonishing creativity. They're everywhere, but most of us don't understand how they work.

Turing Tumble is a revolutionary new game where players (ages 8 to adult) build mechanical computers powered by marbles to solve logic puzzles.

It’s fun, addicting, and while you’re at it, you discover how computers work.

See how simple switches, connected together in clever ways, can do incredibly smart things.

How to Play

Easy to learn, hard to stop.

1. Select a puzzle

The goal of each puzzle is to build a computer that completes an objective. For example, below is challenge #1. The objective of this puzzle is to make all of the blue balls (and only the blue balls) reach the end.

2. Build the starting setup

Many of the puzzles require parts to be placed in certain positions to begin. For this puzzle, the starting setup looks like this once built:

3. Plan your solution

Your job is to figure out where to put the "Available parts" in order to complete the objective. It tells you that you have four green ramps...but where should you put them?

Here's what happens when you run it with just the starting setup:

4. Build and run your computer

To solve this puzzle, you must place the four ramps in such a way that they complete the path from the top of the board to the bottom of the board.

Here it is running:

What else can it do?

The Turing Tumble mechanical computer can do all sorts of things. It can:

  • count
  • add
  • subtract
  • multiply
  • divide
  • compare numbers
  • it can do logic
  • it can create patterns
  • and much, much more...


  • Computer board
  • Computer stand
  • 30 Ramps
  • 10 Bits
  • 8 Gear bits
  • 6 Crossovers
  • 4 Gears
  • 3 Interceptors
  • 1 Presser
  • Puzzle/comic book with 60 puzzles
  • 20 Red marbles
  • 20 Blue marbles
  • 30 Counterweights