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Brain Spice



Ages 7+
2 Players

A game of simple rules, complex strategy and cut-throat outcomes! A gladiator type competition between two opponents that will force you to outwit, outbuild and outmaster the competition in order to claim victory!

On a square wooden board, players take turns placing one of two types of wooden pieces:

  • cubes ("posts") which may be played on the ground or on any piece of their own colour, and
  • 3x1 rectangles (lintels) which must be placed in such a way that they are supported at both ends, and are supported by exactly two blocks of their colour (and optionally, one block of the opponent's colour). The simplest configuration therefore resembles a mini Stone Henge.

Each player is attempting to connect two opposite sides of the board with an unbroken line of their own colour. Connectivity is judged as seen from above, so that higher pieces can cut the connection of lower ones.