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Transition Issues


Transition Issues

Coping with difficult personal and social issues

Transition Issues provides teachers with a blackline master resource to use with students to demonstrate that, while we all have difficult times, there are strategies which can be used to help us through them. By providing realistic and emotive texts, students are treated to an insight of someone else’s problem. The supportive worksheets allow students ‘to look in from the outside’ and offer their own suggestions for dealing with the problems outlined in the text.


  • encourages students to consider various coping strategies when faced with difficult personal and social issues
  • issues addressed are bullying, peer pressure, death of a friend or relative, drugs, accepting people with differences, transition to secondary school and marriage breakdown
  • worksheets are included to generate discussion or can be used as a non-threatening means of personal outlet for the student
  • dispels unacceptable social and personal behaviour
  • develops a feeling of comfort and reassurance during difficult times
  • creates an awareness of an available support network even when students feel most isolated
  • teachers notes provide a clear outline as to how best to guide discussion and to follow up on students considered to be ‘at risk’
  • photocopiable teacher and student proformas for recording