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Smart Games

Three Little Pigs


Once upon a time...

Can you help these three smart pigs build their houses?

Can you set them up so that the pigs can play outside?

If you spot the wolf can you help the pigs stay safe inside their houses?

Three Little Piggies is a perfect brain game for young children.

It features 3 big puzzle pieces that are easy to hold, and kids will be intrigued by the way the pigs fit inside the houses and look through the windows.

How to Play:

Step 1: Place the pigs and wolf on the game board as indicated in the selected challenge.

Step 2: Fit the puzzle pieces on the game board so that the pigs play OUTSIDE the houses when there is no wolf and INSIDE the houses when the wolf is around.

Step 3: There is only 1 solution.

Ages: 3-6

Number of Challenges: 48

Number of Players: 1