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Theme-Based Craft


Ages 3-5
Blackline Master

Theme-based Craft

Craft activities based on popular early childhood themes

Theme-based craft is a comprehensive, well-organised blackline master of interesting, age-appropriate craft activities based on the following popular early childhood themes:

  • My backyard;
  • Space;
  • The circus;
  • The farm;
  • Transport;
  • The zoo;
  • Colours;
  • Fairies;
  • The beach;
  • Teddy bears; and
  • Dinosaurs.


  • a comprehensive collection of more than 60 craft activities to be completed by kindergarten children
  • based around 11 popular early childhood themes
  • supports the development of fine motor skills, creativity and literacy
  • provides challenging, but age-appropriate, fine motor tasks
  • practice in cutting, tracing, colouring and gluing
  • opportunities to construct craft with minimal adult help, fostering independence and promoting self-esteem
  • attractive 2-D and 3-D constructions, suitable for home and school play
  • minimal additional resources required
  • ideas for using and displaying craft
  • opportunities for teachers to incidentally develop literacy and numeracy concepts