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Brain Spice

The Worlds Great Wonders


This lavish title presents 50 of the World's Greatest Wonders, past and present. Stunning photography and expert illustrations bring these wonders to life and each wonder is profiled with inspirational text and explanations as to how they were constructed. This is a new exciting way to view some of the world's most fantastic spectacles.

Written by the former editor of Focus, the BBC's award winning science and technology magazine, it delves into the geological and engineering secrets of both natural and manmade wonders, aided by detailed cutaways and step-by-step illustrations. Discover the optical illusions of the Taj Mahal, how the Easter Island statues 'walked', why the world's tallest skyscraper won't topple over, and how the Maglev train floats on air. Find out why Death Valley is the most consistently hot place on Earth, why trees don't grow taller than 116m, why the Northern Lights glow in different colours, and what kind of life lies deep down in the Dead Sea.