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Hawker Brownlow

The Right to Be Literate: 6 Essential Literacy Skills


Students of the digital age have access to a voluminous amount of information, and literacy skills are of paramount importance.

The Right to Be Literate: 6 Essential Literacy Skills by Brian M. Pete and Robin J. Fogarty presents F-2 teachers and administrators with research-based support and standards-aligned strategies to develop the six literacy skills students will need to think critically and communicate collaboratively in the 21st century: reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and representing.

Educators can either read straight through the book to explore all the presented standards-based strategies for widening literacy skills or look for specific strategies they haven’t yet tried. The second of each chapter pair includes assessment ideas and tips for parents to also help students develop literacy skills for 21st century success. With the book’s guidance, educators can lead all students, no matter their circumstances, to grow in literacy and mindfulness.

Readers will

  • learn about receptive language and expressive language
  • explore primary-, middle years and secondary-level examples for each strategy
  • contemplate standards-based strategies and the thinking skills they target
  • answer study discussion questions and review literacy strategies to use in a professional learning community
  • consider what parents can do to support students’ literacy skills.