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The Relief Teacher


Ages 11+
Ages 5-6
Ages 7-8
Ages 8-10
Blackline Master

The Relief Teacher

Activities to help relief teachers

This series of blackline masters has been designed to equip therelief teacherwith an extensive range of classroom activities covering a variety of learning areas of the curriculum.

Each student worksheet can stand alone as a single lesson or it may be extended by including one or more of the additional activities listed on the teachers page which expand the topic into other curriculum areas. The activities on the worksheets are also a useful resource for the classroom teacher.


  • detailed teachers information about how to use the books
  • class record sheets for efficient maintenance of records
  • a teachers page accompanying each student worksheet including learning areas covered, indicators, specific resources required for the activities, specific websites where appropriate, detailed lesson plan and organisation suggestions, additional activities and answers where necessary
  • student worksheets provide a range of activities to assist in the development of skills across a variety of learning areas
  • theme pack, including stand-alone student worksheets which may be brought together as a short topic or used as a springboard for a long-termreliefproject
  • outcome linked to all states