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The Night Sky Matching Game


Learn 20 of the best-known and easiest to see constellations with this version of the classic matching game. The stars of the constellations are drawn technically accurate in magnitude and placement to make it easy to recognize the actual constellations in the night sky. Each image is enhanced with original art by well known astronomical artist Garret Moore.

Based on the classic matching game, The Night Sky Matching Game uses a selection of well-known northern hemisphere constellations on the game cards. The game cards feature the highly accurate and respected map projections as used on the David Chandler Company star chart, The Night Sky planisphere. The constellation asterisms (figures) are drawn the same as on the planisphere and the relative size of the stars in each asterism accurately reflects the magnitude (brightness) of the actual stars. Even the positions of background stars surrounding the figures are technically correct. All of this means that one should be able to recognize the patterns of the actual constellations in the night sky after becoming familiar with the images on the game cards. To take this a step further, each card has astronomical coordinates in the lower right corner so you can use a planisphere to find out where to look for the actual constellation and when it will be visible.

Artwork depicting the mythology associated with each figure by well-known astronomical artist Garret Moore have been included to add additional visual interest. The images evoke the popular mythology in a child-friendly, but not cartoonish manner. Each card is titled with the IAU accepted name of the constellation as well as with the colloquial reference. For example, the card for Gemini is also titled “The Twins”.

20 pairs of 6.35 cm full color matching cards.