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The National Quality Standard - 2nd Edition

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A review of the National Quality Agenda began in 2014 and, after extensive consultation and feedback, the standards of the NQS have been reduced from 18 to 15 and the elements reduced from 58 to 40. These and other recommendations have been accepted and became law during 2017. These changes have been in place from October 2017.

The National Quality Standard: Towards Continuous Quality Improvement has long been accepted as the basic ‘must-have’ book for educators meeting the requirements of the NQS. This second edition incorporates all the changes made to the assessment and rating process conducted through the NQS, the seven Quality Areas, and the subsequent changes to the Standards and Elements.

Chapter 1 provides essential background information. Chapter 2 covers the development of a quality improvement plan. The following seven chapters cover each quality area, identifying the standards and addressing each element through a number of questions designed to stimulate professional reflection and purpose.

The final chapter returns to the big picture within which the assessment and rating process is placed. This process lies within the continuous professional learning activity engaged in by educators as they gain both experience and confidence in their work with young children and their families.

This book is an essential resource for educators in all services. Used in conjunction with other supporting material, it will promote stimulating discussion and ensure quality practice into the future.

Pages: 88 | Ages: 0-5

By Bridie Raban