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Hawker Brownlow

The Daily 5 - Fostering Literacy Independence in the Primary Years - Second Edition

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Frank Smith, in his book Understanding Reading argues that children learn to read by reading. In The Daily Five: Fostering Literacy Independence in the Primary Years Gail Boushey and Joan Moser show us how to structure literacy – and maths – time to make this possible.

This book is the result of the observations, practice and professional evolution of dedicated teachers over many years. The authors have watched, discussed, refined and tested their Daily Five in real classrooms with real children, just like yours.

The Australian Curriculum stresses the need for children to develop as independent readers. Sharing in their expertise you will learn how to structure your classroom activities so that children build their skills, stamina and independence through extended reading periods.

The Daily Five Second Edition will give you everything you need to launch and sustain the daily five in literacy and mathematics including materials and set up, model behaviours and detailed lesson plans into which you can place your own lesson content.

You will find specific tips for implementation and solutions to common problems. Of particular use are the strategies for engaging ‘barometer children’ – those challenging children who can so easily influence the climate in the classroom.

Above all, this structure and its routines will help you create a classroom that hums, that is self-sustaining and that gives you the time to work with individuals and small groups.