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The Challenger - Quadrilla Set


Quadrilla® is a system of blocks and tracks that allows the energy of a rolling marble to travel along a 'make your own path'.

Create endless Quadrilla® marble runs with this challenging set of straight and curved rails, high-velocity funnels, a seesaw, accelerators, blocks, levelers, bases and 50 marbles. Adding different pieces can make your marble run faster or slower. See how many ways you can build.

Includes: 33 x Coloured Blocks, 20 x Height Adjusters, 10 x Base Rings, 5 x Marble Stops, 15 x Accelerators, 2 x Straight Rails, 1 x Seesaw, 2 x Twists, 8 x Curves Rails, 50 Marbles and 1 x Cotton Bag.

Ages 4yrs+