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Sustainability In Action in Early Childhood Settings


This full colour, easy-to-use resource will support early years educators to understand sustainability and successfully incorporate it into everyday learning and practices.

Sustainability in Action will assist educators, managers, coordinators and other staff in all kinds of early education and care settings embed sustainability to meet and exceed the requirements of the EYLF and NQS. The book is for those who are taking first steps in sustainability, as well as those wishing to extend current practices. It is also relevant to playgroups, out of hours school care and school environments, and to lecturers and students in training and tertiary institutions.

Sustainability in Action provides a wealth of interesting information and many captioned photographs. Ten interconnected aspects of sustainability are explored - biodiversity, water, energy, air and transport, waste, children’s wellbeing, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, cultural and social diversity, community and partnerships, and economics - enabling readers to grow their own knowledge as a basis for their actions. Many appealing, practical suggestions are also included for making sustainability part of young children’s everyday education and care.

• Chapters 1 to 3 introduce sustainability and show how it can easily be embedded in early childhood settings through curriculum and pedagogy.

• Chapters 4 and 5 explore ten important aspects of sustainability to provide a valuable foundation for the many actions that are suggested and for others that readers will come up with themselves.

• Chapter 6 offers ways to involve everyone in a setting, whether taking first steps in sustainability or building upon current practices, with interest and enthusiasm for making it ‘just the way we do things’ every day.