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Super Sunprint Kit


Since 1975, the Sunprint Kit has provided fun, learning and creative stimulation for the curious of all ages. Originally developed as a teaching tool by educators at the Lawrence Hall of Science on the UC Berkeley campus, all proceeds from the sale of Sunprint Kits continue to aid our mission to inspire and foster the learning of science and mathematics for all.

Create 'pictures' with the sun! The Sunprint Kit is one of our most popular and versatile products, and no wonder when it can be used as a science experiment, craft or art project.

Sunprint paper goes through a chemical change when exposed to light. This produces an image using the cyanotype process, which has been used by artists since its development in the 19th century. Objects that eclipse the sun’s light will show up in white, with the rest of the paper turning a vibrant blue.

It can also be used as a measuring tool for any other UV light source, or as a photographic medium to use in scientific experiments.

Our Super Sunprint Kit is a great hands-on activity to do with groups. Whether it be in the classroom, in a camp, a museum workshop, birthday party or any other group setting, get people together, share ideas and play. So get outside and see what you can create!

Simply chose what you want to layer onto of your paper to create a negative of, and then follow these simple steps:

1. Layer items or shapes on the Sunprint paper

2. expose it to sunlight for 5 minutes

3. Rinse it in water for 1 minute

Let it dry and you have an image of your very own design, made by using the sun! Check out these videos the Sunprint website to see what other people have created!

For ages 6+

Contains: 15 Sheets of Sunprint Paper (20x30cm) 1 Acrylic Sheet (20x30cm)