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Brain Spice

Sumovore PICAXE Brainboard


The PICAXEs are based on MicroChip “PIC” microcontrollers, with custom code added to make them very easy to work with. Start by drawing flowcharts of what you want them to do, then simply download that flowchart to the PICAXE! When you get comfortable with how code “feels”, you can then jump to a different mode of programming where you use a BASIC-like language that gives you more control.

We designed the PICAXE Brainboard to be compatible with two types of PICAXE chips - the PICAXE-18X and PICAXE-28X1 (PICAXE-28X1 included in the kit). The 28X1 gives you full control of all edge sensors, and has more memory for your programs.

As with all our brainboards, this kit lets you swap out the default discrete brainboard for a programmable version. If you run into any problems, it’s a simple process to swap a different brain to help you debug the problem.

This brainboard features:

  • Supports PICAXE-18X or 28X/X1 microcontroller (PICAXE-28X1 INCLUDED - over $10 value!)
  • Easy PICAXE 1/8” Jack programmer interface
  • 5 indicator LEDs
  • Official PICAXE PWM Interface IC to drive motors
  • Microprocessor Reset Switch
  • Standard 0.1" expansion interface holes for breadboard add-ons
  • Spot for optional Resonator for more accurate timing