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Hawker Brownlow

Still Learning to Think - Thinking to Learn within the Austrailan Curriculum

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Building on the popular Learning to Think/Thinking to Learn, Still Learning to Think/Thinking to Learn within the Australian Curriculum describes processes that can be used to infuse thinking into everyday learning. Through the application and explicit teaching of models and strategies, students can engage in a wide range of thinking tasks, regardless of whether they are working within defined subject areas or on units that cut across traditional curriculum boundaries.

Each chapter provides a brief description of a particular model or strategy that may be applied across different levels of schooling. Following this, specific examples of applying the structure are demonstrated.

As Bloom’s Taxonomy remains a popular and appropriate planning tool for teachers, this publication devotes much space to exploring its use in a variety of different contexts at different levels of schooling. Following this, we look “beyond Bloom’s” as we link this structure to other structures (such as Multiple Intelligences) and explore other frameworks, such as Tony Ryan’s revised Thinkers Keys.

Employing a diverse range of planning frameworks can be seen as an empowering process for teachers. Teachers at all levels of schooling, equipped with a diverse range of tools, are well placed to infuse thinking into content in many meaningful ways. This can only serve to enhance both lesson design and lesson delivery, as thinking becomes the focus in every lesson, every day.

This revised edition of Still Learning to Think/Thinking to Learn features correlations to various strands and sub-strands from a range of Australian Curriculum subject areas, ensuring that instruction is curriculum-aligned and meaningful.