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Oxford University Press

Spell Record Respond

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Teachers Reference

Spell, Record, Respond: Moving from assessment to instruction is a professional support resource to help educators assess students' spelling abilities, identify areas for improvement and select appropriate teaching strategies to develop students' spelling competencies.

  • Provides a range of formal and informal information-gathering processes for spelling.
  • Informs educators about students' spelling practices, attitudes, skills and understandings.
  • Gives teachers the tools to analyse the spelling data collected and plan effective teaching responses.
  • Checklists for deeper probing when results suggest that students have gaps in their knowledge and skills.
  • Customisable activity worsheets.
  • Strong curriculum links with a focus on phonetic, visual, morphological and etmological competencies.


  • This professional support guide also contains a series of word and sentence dictations for pre-and-post-testing of the Oxford Wordlist words. They include audio and visual support and are suitable for the IWB.
  • Includes all checklists, a guide for parents and a series of activity cards as customisable Word documents.