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SpaceRail Level 233-8 53m Glow


SpaceRail 8 Glow In Dark Motorised Marble Run

Space Rail Marble Run - High Difficulty Model 233-8G

SpaceRail is a Motorised Marble Run with Perpetual Motion.

Build the SpaceRail and Watch the Marbles Loop the Loop and whizz around.

Includes 53 000mm Glow in the dark rail and Steel Balls

Batteries Not Included. Requires 1 x C Battery

Level 8 is Rated Difficult.

Suitable for Ages 15 Years +


  • Base x 18, 600mm Shaft x 12, 485mm Shaft x 5, 391mm Shaft x 6, 300mm Shaft x 5
  • 245mm Shaft x 7, 220mm Shaft x 2,159mm Shaft x 7, 65mm Shaft x 3
  • Rail x 2 (26,500mm Approx), Arm x 139, Arm Holder A x 115, Arm Sheath x 155, Arm Holder B x 212
  • Arm Wrench x 328, Rail Stand x 185, 154mm Shaft Stand x 1, Fork Part x 1, 90mm Shaft Stand x 1
  • Gear Box x 2, Elevator Helix x 41, Elevator Ring x 7, Elevator Cover x 2, Elevator Stand x 6
  • Base Holder (Big) x 22, Base Holder (Small) x 20, Gear Box Stand x 2, Steel Ball x 8
  • Rail Joining Stick x 15, Start Part x 1, Assistance part for start part x 1, Seesaw Part x 5
  • Illustrated Building Guide x 1

SpaceRail Information - Please Read

  • Spacerails are not a children's toy. They are complex marble runs designed for ages 15 years +
  • SpaceRails are designed to be Challenging to Build requiring time and patience.
  • SpaceRails increase in difficulty as the levels increase.
  • We advise starting with lower models and working your way up to harder models.
  • The Instruction manual is a guide for building.
  • The positioning of the rails require substantial adjustment in order to create the required tension and angles for the marbles to run correctly. This is an inherent part of the challenge of building a SpaceRail and requires time and patience.

Not Suitable For Children Under 3 Years. Small Parts Choking Hazard. Contains Marbles.