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Oxford University Press

Sounds Right Read Write VIC


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Sounds Right, Read, Write is the most popular phonics series used in Australian schools, providing a sequential approach to the teaching pf phonics, as well as to the development of Victorian Modern Cursive handwriting.

Student Books:

  • The most popular phonics series used in Australian schools.
  • Engaging activities to develop phonological, visual and morphemic knowledge.
  • Use wrods in context.
  • Extension activities and review units.
  • Scope-and-sequence chart and assessment rubrics to fully support teachers.

Phonological Skills:

  • develops alphabet knowledge
  • teaches sound/symbol relationships
  • reinforces decoding skills used for teaching reading
  • introduces sounds, blends, digraphs and homophones in sequential order.

Visual Skills:

  • teaches sight vocabulary of the most frequently used words
  • promotes language in context by utilising nursery rhymes, poetry, riddles, fractured tales and interest sentences.

Handwriting Skills:

  • links the visual formation of letters to the sounds they make
  • promotes the specific handwriting style for each state in Australia.