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Magic Makers

Skeleton Key

$45.00 $22.50

A magical silver key is shown on your fingertips. The teeth of the key mysteriously move around the shaft for the magician. The key is then handed to a spectator and the teeth cannot be moved. Silver Plated! Truly astonishing! Can be handed over for inspection!

Excitingly spooky & easy to perform!

Colin's Thoughts: the true power of this effect is the ability to safely hand the key to your audience for inspection afterward. The prop is sturdy and beautifully made, but buyers should be prepared to practice - this isn't quite as "easy" as they claim. I would rate this one about 3 out of 5 for skill required to confidently handle the prop. Well worth the practice, but if you want something a little more instant, this might not be the effect to go with!