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Hawker Brownlow

Science Fair Warm-Up - Learning the Practice of Scientists

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Years 7-10
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Even science enthusiasts may dread grappling with these two questions:

How can your organise many students doing many different projects at the same time?

How can you help students while giving them the freedom of choice and independence of thought that characterise genuine inquiry?

Answer these questions – and face science fairs and science projects without fear – with the help of the Science Fair Warm-Up series. To save you time, the materials are organised to grow more challenging and encourage independent study as students progress through the year levels. To help you meet your teaching goals, the series is based on the constructivist view that makes students responsible for their own learning.

This revised Australian edition of Science Fair Warm-Up strongly correlates with two of the three strands – Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills – of the Australian Curriculum: Science, featuring comprehensive practice in making predictions, conducting experiments and reporting results in every activity. While the concepts in certain activities in this book specifically correlate with multiple content descriptions in the physical and chemical science sub-strands, every activity is underpinned by the Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills content of the Australian Curriculum Science.

This book, for years 7–10, develops the ideas about practice that students learn in the first book. Students will also find problems that are much more cognitively demanding. In addition to offering original investigations, the book provides problem-solving exercises to help students develop the inquiry skills to carry their projects through.

Science Fair Warm-Up will prepare both you and your students for science project success. But even if you don’t have a science fair or science project season in your future, the material can make your students more proficient with scientific research.