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Penguin Magic

Room 237 Playing Cards


The dynamic orange, brown and red colours of the limited edition Room 237 playing card decks by Penguin Magic are mesmerising and the deck has 100% custom artwork on all 52 playing cards with original faces, a borderless back design, and a glorious double-foiled matte black paper tuck box  which has foil inside and out.

Sold out almost immediately the Room 237 Playing Cards by Penguin Magic were limited to 2500 decks only featuring a hexagonal pattern design inspired by the carpet at the Overlook Hotel.

This luxurious playing card deck is printed on signature Elite Thin-Crushed stock with an Air-Cushion "Magic" finish and are traditionally cut.

Room 237 Playing Cards are a dream to handle and your cards will not only shuffle, fan, and spread perfectly but will make your game nights and all your favourite games & tricks even more fun!

Extra Features:

• Printed by USPCC on Thin-Crushed Elite stock
• Air-Cushion "Magic" Finish
• custom sticker seal
• 2 colours of inside tuck foil
• 2 custom jokers
• 2 bonus gaff cards included