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Respect Me Respect You


Respect me – Respect you!

Ten-step values education program

Respect me – Respect you! follows a ten-stepvalues education programincorporating theADKARchange-management model, Edward de Bono’s six parallel hats teaching method, Eric Erikson’s psycho-social stages of development, the application of Bloom’s taxonomy and Kohlberg’s stages of moral development.


  • detailed information about each theory
  • embraces current pedagogy, theoretical psycho-social research and effectiveconflict resolutionmodels
  • provides a ready-to-go program to actively implement a school’s social skills andvalueseducation policy
  • develops resilience, self-awareness, self-acceptance andself-esteem
  • ten-step program fits into a term’s work
  • each of the ten steps is accompanied by comprehensive teachers notes and a selection of supporting blackline masters
  • list of supplementary resources to use with each step
  • program overview
  • curriculum links
  • suggestions for assessment activities
  • answers where relevant